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Leech Lake Opener Report 2011

by Michael on May 19, 2011

The fishing opener was awesome! The numbers were not quite as high as last year, however, the size of the fish were much larger. Most of the fish caught were in the mid-20’s, with three above 26″, and one at 27″. The walleyes responded better to a tri-colored jig (white, chartreuse, and a reddish-orange). I would of posted a picture of the jig, but my dad was the only one with that color-lucky him! He was very generous and did share a few, but very reluctantly. We also had good luck with the standard chartreuse jig, which is what the 27″ walleye was caught on. I heard reports that people were easily catching their limit near the Walker area. We were fishing the area just north of Sugar Point in 9-14′ of water.


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