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August 2014

Night Photography-24th St & Lowry Ave Bridges

August 21, 2014 City Landscapes
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Went on a little photo safari last night, and reconnected with a friend, Kim Windingland. I met him and his wife through Toastmasters several years ago. Thanks Kim, it was an AWESOME adventure, and a great evening to be out and about.  

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Lowry Bridge Night Photo Shoot

August 14, 2014 Bucket List Adventures
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This is a bucket list redo, and a true epic adventure at that! This time I photographed the Lowry Bridge from the north side, which means I had to cross the Great Mississippi River in the dark with my canoe over to an island (ok, it was only a couple hundred yards)! The reason for […]

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Full Moon Over Lake Superior & Split Rock Lighthouse

August 12, 2014 Night Photography
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Here’s some pic’s from my “down town” time on the north shore this past weekend. The supermoon on Sunday was a bust, but I really got lucky on Saturday when they turned Split Rock Lighthouse’s light on-what a great experience! Also had some fun with waterfall pics, made it all the way up to Grand […]

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Hill City Triathlon 2014

August 9, 2014 Races
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First place overall in today’s triathlon for individuals!! Too bad the turnout was less than desirable. My goal was trim 15-20 minutes off of last year’s time, and to beat the guy that won it last year. I crushed it, trimmed over 30 minutes off of last year time, and smoked last year’s winner-even if […]

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