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Grandma’s Marathon 2014

by Michael on June 23, 2014

Alex & Mike Grandma's Marathon 4 x 6I finished Grandma’s Marathon Saturday and survived, barely! This was definitely the biggest challenge of my life (to date), and as gratifying as it was to finish my first marathon, nothing was more gratifying then having my son’s support, and being there to meet me at the finish line-thanks Alex!!!

Thanks to all of my family and FB peeps that expressed their support over the past several months, very much appreciated!! And a very heartfelt thanks to the medical team that attended to me at the end of the race, especially to the nurse (see below for details).

I’m not a big believer in long FB posts, but several people have asked me how did it go, what was it like, would I do it again….so for all of those interested, please read my story below.

The Boring Details: If for some crazy reason you ever decide to run a marathon (and I would encourage anyone who has a dream of doing something, to just do it), develop your plan, and stick to it. I didn’t stick to my plan, and I paid dearly for it-but I survived.

I started the race just slightly ahead of the pace group that was the closest to my planned finish time. After a couple miles, I was feeling great, and felt that they were running to slow for me (go figure), so I moved up to the faster group.

After 10 miles I was feeling really good, and looking back at my split-times, I had three sub 8 minute miles, with one being a 7:37, which for me was way too fast. I wasn’t even running that fast in my training…ever, I was feeling like Carl Lewis!!

At the 19 mile mark I was still running nearly same pace as the first 10 miles, but my legs started to cramp-up, especially my left calf. I was hoping that they would loosen up as I ran on, no such luck and I knew I was in for a tough finish.

With only four miles to go, the pain really started to intensify, and at the two mile mark the “train came off the track” and the pain became excruciating, and I knew I was in trouble. Thank God that the last few miles of the race were downhill!!!

The pain was unbearable as I approached the finish line, but there was nothing that was going to keep me from crossing it, even if I had to crawl. After crossing the finish line, I couldn’t stand-up, and was grabbed by two gentleman. They wanted to put me in a wheelchair, but I wasn’t going to have any part of that.

In the medical tent, they (the doctor, physical therapist, support staff, and a very special nurse) were on me like “bees to honey”, these folks were real professionals. I hadn’t realized how bad of shape I was really in: the doctor figured I was becoming hypothermic (my hands were very cold), dehydrated (even though I drank at every water station), my little toes were blistered and swollen, my left calf was completely locked-up, and pain was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…UGH!!! This all could have been avoided if I would have followed my game plan-lesson learned!

To the very special nurse who was by my side as soon as I entered the medical tent, and stayed with me until I was cleared to go: I know the difference between someone who was just doing their job, and someone who cares about their job-you cared and you were AWESOME!! I know the chances of you reading this are next to nil, and I apologize for forgetting your name, but you’re a credit to your profession and a very special person-Thank You!

This was an exceptionally well run event, and would I do it again….ABSOLUTELY!!! I set a three year goal for myself, and I intend on achieving it. But for now, I’m ready let my hair down (what I have left) and relax, and I’m ready for some new adventures that aren’t quite as intense!

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