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BWCA 2012 Lake Agnes

by Michael on June 2, 2012

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This year’s trip to the BWCA was a little different from our previous trips; much of the traveling was done on the Moose River. Although we still did some portaging, traveling the slow moving river was fun and very scenic.

I wouldn’t call Lake Agnes one of the most beautiful lakes within the BWCA; but it sure offered some diverse fishing, and it has some campsites with pretty awesome views. However, if you want one of these sites you’ll need to get to the lake fairly early in the day, because this is one busy and popular lake.

If you’re looking for solitude within the BWCA, then this isn’t the lake for you. Many use the Moose River and Lake Agnes as an entry into Lac La Croix, as well as a base camp to fish the surrounding lakes. However, if you’re looking to catch some crappies as wide as your paddle, and put walleye in your frying pan every day, then you’ll find Lake Agnes very rewarding.

I would definitely fish this lake again, but I wouldn’t spend more than a day or two fishing it, there are too many other lakes around that are off the beaten path with less traffic.

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