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Spring Trail Update-Blue Hill in Sherburne County, MN

by Michael on March 18, 2012

Spring has certainly arrived, with record temperatures in the 70’s, every vestige of snow has melted away. Blue Hill Trail is situated within the Sherburne County National Wildlife Refuge and is comprised of approximately 5 miles of hiking trails.

With the melting of the snow this trail tends to become flooded in early spring, especially in the lower lying areas, consequently I usually avoid hiking here this time of the year. However, given the dry fall, and the lack of snow this winter, I decided to take my trusty scout “Samson”  with me and check out what the trail conditions were like. I always like to bring Samson along in case I run across any Wizards on the trail.

There were a couple of wet patches, which you can easily walk around, but nearly all of the trail was dry. There was one huge tree blown over in the middle of the trail, but for the most part the trail is in excellent condition.

So dust off your hiking boots and enjoy a beautiful afternoon of hiking, the weather is supposed to be record breaking all week-Yahoo!!!


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