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How A Teacher Inspired Me

by Michael on April 21, 2012

Have you ever wondered when, or even how you came about a certain liking for something? I have a real penchant for building things, and to be more specific, making arts and crafts furniture in my wood shop.

I became fascinated with woodworking in junior high school. My teacher, Mr. Woods (no kidding), was awesome; he was able to take my general interest in building things and help to me turn it into a passion that is still with me today. It just wasn’t about woodworking, he also helped me find myself and build confidence.

As my confidence grew with each project, he then pushed me onto more difficult projects, guiding me along the way. In many ways he wasn’t just teaching me how to become a good woodworker, he was helping me grow as a person by helping to foster a growing belief in myself, which every teenager can use. Mr. Woods went above beyond the normal call of duty when it came to instructing me; he would let me stay after school to finish a project, I was given access to wood and machines that many others weren’t allowed to. Now that I look back some 30+ years later, I still feel a since of gratitude that he took the time to help me in so many ways.

My wood shop hasn’t seen nearly enough of me lately, but that’s about to change. Once you have sawdust in your blood it’s hard to get it out. I’ve been focused like a laser on rebuilding my business lately, to the detriment of some of my other passions that I have. I pray someday that our paths will cross again, but until then-“Thanks Mr. Woods, you were the best!”

*The picture above of the Morris chair (I even made the cushions), and the arts and crafts table and lamp, were all made in my wood shop a couple of years ago. This is heirloom furniture that will last a lifetime, which is becoming a lost art; these will be eventually passed down to my children someday if they want them.

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