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Hill City Triathlon 2014

by Michael on August 9, 2014

First place overall in today’s triathlon for individuals!! Too bad the turnout was less than desirable. My goal was trim 15-20 minutes off of last year’s time, and to beat the guy that won it last year. I crushed it, trimmed over 30 minutes off of last year time, and smoked last year’s winner-even if is over 60 years old.

Thanks for being there with me Bro! I can’t think of a better partner in crime, then to have my brother competing with me. This course is freaking brutal, nothing but 18-19 miles of hills, and not mention 7 miles of canoeing…Yee Ha!!

I just checked into my motel on the north shore, time for a little me, myself, and I time. No FB for a couple of days, no texting, and no messaging. However, I will leave the bat phone line open, just in case super model Kate Upton wants to call and congratulate me!!

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