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Comedy-Maybe Not So Funny!

by Michael on April 13, 2011



Recently the “SO” and I took my son and his girlfriend to see Ralphie May at the Burnsville Performing Arts for his birthday. Ever since then, I’ve been reflecting about what has been bothering me about his performance, and I think that I found it a little on the offensive side. Not so much because of the raunchiness, but more due to with the fact that he had to be so crude to get a laugh, which I must admit I sure did get my fair share of.

I understand that one of the ways to get laughs is the “SHOCK” effect that comedians tend to use. There are a lot of ways to shock an audience, but having to use racial slurs, and epitaphs, just doesn’t work for me. I should of done a better job of researching his comedy style. I sure hope somebody like Brian Regan or John Pinette comes to our area sometime in the near future.


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