Thursday, February 22, 2018

2014 Adventure Bucket List Update

by Michael on December 3, 2014

2014 Bucket List Updated 2014Adventure Bucket List Update

Well, the year is almost over and I hit my bucket list pretty hard, unfortunately I didn’t quite get them all done-NUTS! No problem though, there’s always next year.

However, I still got time to squeeze one more in, and that’s to see a play at the Guthrie. I’m not sure why I waited so long to do this one, I really enjoy live theater. Now I just need to find a willing accomplice, hmmm……….?


Go Ahead, I Dare You To Take It Away!!

by Michael on November 21, 2014

Samson I Love You Bone EditedI rarely give Samson rawhide bones anymore; however, he found this one helping me do my semi-annual house cleaning. He hugged it with a Kung Fu grip, thinking I was going to take it away!

Then after he realizes that I’m not going to wrestle him for it, he leaves it in the hallway for me to step on in the middle of the night!!



Early Ice On Leech Lake

November 16, 2014 Winter
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Leech Lake started to freeze over early this year. We literally watched the ice form on the lake this past Saturday morning from the comfort of the cabin. The next day we were able walk on the ice, which appeared to be at least 3-4” thick already by shore.  

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Phase One Completed! Time to build a shed!

November 2, 2014 Woodworking
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JEEPERS!!! After hauling 24 yards of class 5 with a wheelbarrow for a couple of weeks, with my body calling me all kinds of names, and feeling like I’ve been building a giant kids sandbox, I’ve finally finished building the pad for my shed! I sure hope a 14 x 20 shed will hold all […]

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Sunset At The Cabin

October 24, 2014 Photography Adventures
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The sunset from my Iphone sitting on the deck at the cabin.

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3rd Place Humorist Speech Contest 2014

October 18, 2014 Personal Development
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I just finished competing in our Toastmasters division humorous speech contest, placing third, which is the end of the line for me. It was a great time, and again if any of you out there have any interest in finding out more about Toastmasters, please let me know.

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